camLine's software solutions are present in the high-tech industries. The right mix of products, projects, and services has made camLine agile, efficient and reliable. 

Lösung Products

The Products

camLine's software solutions are based on own software development. The products are devided into four different software brands that support the innovation and production cycle. 

The Benefits:

  • Faster integration and approvals for new technologies (e.g. in a supply chain)
  • Seamless tool support from inception to volume manufacturing
  • Documented product and technology definition
  • Compliant documentation by means of statistical process control, approval cycle, audit trail, and traceability
  • Governance (at a maturity level) to ensure full traceability
  • Faster identification of research results by saving experimental effort

The Brands:

  • Technology development management platform
  • Virtual manufacturing enablement
  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)
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  • Quality assurance
  • Production logistics
  • Process compliance
  • Efficiency (OEE)
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Shop floor integration
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  • SME’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Complete tracking and tracing
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  • Explorative Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Six Sigma
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Lösungen Projects

The Projects

Projects with camLine help you initiate the software solutions that are tailored to your needs. The implementations meet your requirements much better if the last mile is taken together with project work.

The Benefits:

  • Minimize your need to re-allocate production resources to a project
  • Maintain your focus on live production
  • Realize a transfer of camLine professional skills to your staff
  • Experience no down-time for migration to your solution

Project range:

  • Development of customized solutions
  • Joint development projects together with customers
  • Funded projects
  • Integration into existing infrastructure (e.g. ERP interface, SCADA, PLM, shop floor)
  • Equipment integration
  • Shop floor integration
  • Production control
  • Quality control
  • Vertical Integration
  • Reporting
Lösungen Services

The Services

camLine's advisory and consulting services complete the portfolio.

  • Elaboration of a MES concept tailored to your needs
  • Design and implementation of solutions
  • Support for process improvement strategies
  • Innovation method and innovation management consulting
  • Public and on-site training options with respect to camLine products
  • Workshops for explorative data analyses (EDA) & design of experiments (DoE)
  • Guided jump starts  for your projects during the implementation phase
  • Hotline
  • On-site & remote support
  • Software maintenance
Industrial Solutions

Solutions tailored to specific industries


MES Mechatronics

As a discrete manufacturer in the mechatronics industry, you need detailed information and you have to ensure complete documentation relating to the production of safety-critical parts. With MES Mechatronics, your manufacturing is documented. You can track and trace your manufacturing process, immediately. You actively control your production.

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MES Solar

MES Solar (Photovoltaics)

Photovoltaic technology is evolving rapidly. And as a manufacturer in that industry, you need to be able to respond quickly by staying agile and adpatable enough to meet current and future market needs. Ideally, you also need a software solution that helps you manage everything from raw material processing to cell- and module- manufacturing.

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QM for Semiconductor


LineWorks Quality Management for SEMI solution gives you, as a semiconductor manufacturer complete control over standards implementation, product quality, quality, and metrics verifictation. There are several add-on modules and chart plug-ins to help you customize the solution to your needs. Ultimately, it enables you to continuously improve the process quality of your entire value chain.

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